Original Olive Oil

Olixe oil is produced and packaged exclusively at our facilities

What is Olixe 

Olixe is an Olive Oil Company Found in 2019. Here in Olixe we try to provide the best quality and then quantity.


Our Label was designed by the founder of Olixe Company. We tried to have a minimal look , all the information of the product on the back side. Every bottle we sell is certified by chemistry and by the National Accreditation System. In this way, our customers are confident about the products they buy

Greek Salad 

Greek salad or horiatiki salad is a popular salad in Greek cuisine generally made with pieces of tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, feta cheese (usually served as a slice on top of the other ingredients), and olives. Dressed with salt, pepper, Greek oregano, and olive oil. Common additions include green bell pepper slices or caper berries (especially on the Dodecanese islands). Greek salad is often imagined as a farmer's breakfast or lunch, as its ingredients resemble those that a Greek farmer might have on hand. But the truth is Greeks have the salad as 
as an appetizer with everything they eat.

Cretan Dakos 

Dakos (otherwise known as owl or nut) is a traditional Cretan dish. It is based on the Cretan nut, usually barley. On top of the (soaked or not) nut, grate the tomato and on top of the tomato, feta cheese or Cretan mizithra in pellets. Dakos is supplemented with a strong dose of oil, salt, oregano and sometimes pepper and olives. It is made easily and quickly, while it is a complete and nutritious meal.

Test The True Olive Oil.

You can meet us in Rhodes Island Greece in Summer And In Our Vacation Rental,

"Casa La Perla" which is located on the South part of the Island.
 We provide also travel packs in 100ml  bottles

Why should you buy Olixe?

Of course this is going to be your first thought when you see a new product, so we will give you some incentives.

We have our own fields with olives

We produce Olive Oil Since 1950

We have two varieties of olives

Our products are certified by chemistry and by the National Accreditation System.

We Produce Olive Oil every year.

Our production is monitored by a specialized agronomist

We ship to Europe mainly and worldwide

Each bottle is accompanied by documents certifying the content, except the content on the back side of the label.

Secret Of Taste

There is no recipe for a successful taste. Climate, weather, cold and humidity are some of the factors that affect the quality of olive oil after harvest.


When You Purchase More Than 5 Bottles

To provide the best product, we need the best customers, who appreciate  olive oil quality 

Find us on our Facebook Page until our E-shop goes online 


Latest News

In 2021 we will attend competitions such as London IOOC, Athena IOOC & EVO IOOC

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Olixe This is Our Year

2019. This was the year we decided to export olive oil 

We Provide the best quality we can offer

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